Body Art / Tattoo Design

A show case of the best tattoo designs from around the world.

unique tattooThis tattoo had to be mentioned for uniqueness. At first it doesn’t even look like a tattoo.

We found it here: and while the page has 40 great tattoo designes, this one by far stands out. Try to scan through the page without being drawn to this one.

It’s a wood carving design and down the side of the leg it actually looks like the leg is carved as if it were wood.

Unknown tattoo artist and model.

classic tattooAvi from Vintage Body Art inked this exceptional classic design.

Vintage Body Art is based in Melbourne in Australia. There seem to be more and more great artists coming from this part of the world.

If you check out their artist gallery here: you’ll find that they have a distinctly unique style.

The designs in their gallery seem to be very vintage (like the name) and old school bold American. More vintage at – although not strictly body art, you get a feel for the style.

Avi Inks is the artist and an Unknown model.

scenic tattooA full scenic tattoo view on a mans back.

This one looks like it not too fresh so all of the shading and colours have settled down and it is pretty impressive.

We found this one on Pinterest here: This is probably the best scene / scenic tattoo that I have ever seen – especially because it covers such a large area.

Not much more on this particulart pinterest board.

Unknown artist and  model.