The best photography.

photography5This is a classic shot of the Seattle Waterfront.

Taken from the other side of the bay in the optimal light conditions, this digital still was originally 3543 x 2362 pixels.

This shot is taken from an unknown photographer.

Please credit this site if you need to use it on your own.

photography2This pool isn’t that big looks it – it’s all in the shot. The photographer here has used a mix of light to create depth and has taken the shot so that the whole pool is not in frame, creating the illusion of more.

This shot was supplies by Urban Swimming Pools, taken by their staff on a recent project. Sometimes it is what you leave our of a shot that makes it special.

Next time you shoot, close in a bit and leave some out. This pool was inspected by Inspector Hawkeye.

photography01This is a long shot of a couple of yellow legged Moorhen taken from Wikipedia here.

This bird particularly is the Eurasian common moorhen – found in Europe and north Africa.

This shot is interesting because it is taken from some distance. I looks as though it is taken quite close to the bird, but with these birds, you can not actually get that close.

Specialist equipments was used to take this from such a distance and look how clear it turned out.

buyusedgunsAmateur or Professional you ask?

We too this shot from and have included it because it is the perfect example of an amateur photo taken on standard domestic equipment – but the results look professional.

Buy Used Guns is a classifieds website of sorts that is set up to allow users to list and sell their firearms. By it’s nature, the imagery submitted to it are very amateur in nature – just see a bunch of them at this page.

But this one is different. It looks as if it could have been taken professionally……

Nice Eyelash Images

Eyelash Extensions Melbourne at has a range of great close up shots.

All images are in the lash gallery here and show a range of shots and types of their services.

Click the link above.